Monday, February 2, 2015

Stylus LG G4 Want to Compete with Samsung S Pen

Jakarta - LG G4 are expected to slide in the near future, would be equipped with a special stylus. Stylus LG G4 will compete with Samsung's S Pen on the Galaxy Note.

As is known, one of the unique features of the series Galaxy Note S Pen competitors it is. This stylus has software that is optimized so as not just a tool for pointing and writing.

Last year, LG has never tried a similar effort with G3 Stylus. But it seems stylus along with the handset as reported by the site MYLGPhones, Monday (02/02/2015) not too prominent and less alluring market.

Now, LG back to try their luck. Based on the leaked document filing patents, LG will have something similar to the previous plan, to be paired with the new champ LG G4, the G4 Stylus.

In the document it is mentioned that LG G4 will have a stylus, just like the Samsung included S Pen in line Note their gadgets. But considering G3 Stylus itself is not too kicked, many doubt his successor.

Issues about the successor to the LG G3 has developed since the end of last year. LG G4 with stylusnya touted direct challenge Galaxy Note 4. From the leaked specifications, G4 does offer features that belongs phablet Samsung's flagship, one of them the ability stylus updated.

While the G3 has specifications are categorized as medium, G4 is very likely have a top-class specifications. Speculation is the use Snapdragon processor 810 or LG Odin octa-core, 3 or 4 GB of RAM, and a qHD display (2560x1440 pixels).

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