Monday, February 2, 2015

Huawei: Make UHD Screen Mobile quickly drain the battery

Jakarta - Other manufacturers may already have plans to Immerse UHD screen (3840x2160 pixels) on the phone besutannya. But Huawei has made sure not to do so. The reason is, Because they make the battery power is reduced.

Kevin Ho, President of Huawei Handset Product Line said, QHD screen need a large enough power to Operate. According to him, it was a big problem that can Affect battery life.

"Screen 4K (UHD-red) in the mobile phone can only give half-day battery life. Compare mobile phones with screens 2K (QHD-red) that can last a full day even more," said Ho

"4K screen has four times more pixels than the number of Full HD screen. So the power consumption may be four times to eight times greater, in the which case it could be a big problem for a mobile phone," he added.

Even so Ho admits quality 4k resolution roomates he is awesome when implemented a in screen width. But things turned around when embedded in the phone's screen size is only about 5 inches to 6 inches.

"Users will be difficult to find a difference in quality between the resolution of 4K and 2K resolution on the phone screen size is only 5 inches to 6 inches," said Ho.

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