Sunday, February 1, 2015

Google Now Updated, Show Cards Popule Content from Multiple Applications

Google provides a variety of applications built on the Android OS, one of which is Google Now. The assistance application some time ago has gained a major update with the addition of a variety of new cards that contain content that is associated with a variety of popular mobile applications.

Application assistance is now able to provide the information of up to 40 popular applications are different. Google Now cards will show the information obtained from a variety of applications to assist users in everyday life.

For example, Google Now cards now supports notification if there is new news from The Guardian or recommendation given by the Pandora music. Duolingo application users will find me to learn or continue learning the language that is being pursued. Meanwhile, users can know the riders Uber Uber nearby and cost estimates need to be removed if you want to take a trip to a place that is usually visited by the user. Stock information, sports scores, to the flight schedule and the weather can also be seen with more fully in the cards latest Google Now.

Google promises that the new cards will soon be rolled out in the coming weeks. Other cards will also be added to the cooperation with a wide range of application developers, so Google Now is expected to help users solve a variety of everyday tasks both large and small.

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