Monday, February 2, 2015

Mystery Stylus in LG G4

jakarta - LG has registered a patent stylus for the latest smartphone accessories. Initially, the smartphone G4 is touted as a potential champion LG which reportedly will be equipped with the stylus to rival Galaxy Note 4. But the latest news could be going to dismiss the allegation. Because the stylus mentioned was not prepared for the G4, but for G4 Stylus.

As is known, the LG G3 which is currently in circulation also has another variant called G3 Stylus. Surplus lies in the accessories stylus owned. Well, on this basis, G4 Stylus was predicted as the successor G3 Stylus.

As G3 Stylus placed as a mid-range phone, G4 Stylus seems also will occupy the same position. Because of the outstanding information, the screen resolution is only limited Stylus G4 HD (1280x720 pixels). Even though there is an increase of G3 Stylus only QHD screen (960x540 pixels).

The certainty of the presence of the successor G3 Stylus will also further enhanced by a registration document that has been filed to trademark and patent office of the United States (USPTO). The document described as G4 Stylus.

  although the stylus pen is prepared for G4 Stylus, chances LG equip G4 with a stylus is still very likely. Because mentioned South Korean company has indeed been a long time planning it.

So when LG G4 prepared to challenge the Galaxy Note 4, then for users with limited funds can glance LG G4 Stylus are appreciated much more affordable. For information, G3 Stylus currently sold in the range of USD 2.9 million. So chances Stylus G4 will be offered at the same price range when released later.

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