Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Left by Samsung, Qualcomm is proud Xiaomi


Jakarta - Although still limited to the issue, will be the release of information about Qualcomm by Samsung in Galaxy S6 fact has given impairment Qualcomm shares on the bourses. In order to maintain the confidence of investors, this phone chip giant was then boast Xiaomi, LG and some other vendors who will use the new flagship processor, Snapdragon 810.

Reported previously, Snapdragon processor 810 that was asked as a brand-new hero called Qualcomm experiencing overheating problems or overheating. Which it reportedly affects the performance decreases.

For this reason, Samsung which is the largest client does not want to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile phone 810 on the prospective champion, Galaxy S6. The South Korean company was called will fully use the processor of its own, Exynos.

This issue proved to affect the reported value of Qualcomm stock tumbled. But Qualcomm can not remain silent, the chip maker is immediately delivered a statement which says that the Snapdragon 810 has been trusted by Xiaomi to be immersed in Mi Note Pro.

Furthermore, the boss Xiaomi, Lei Jun's, also commented on the cooperation that has dijalinnya with Qualcomm Snapdragon through the use of 810 in Mi Note Pro, which he said had the best performance today.

"Our collaboration with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 through embedded in Mi Note Pro provides the ability to deliver the performance and capabilities never before. This is what our customers want and what you want to give to the consumer Xiaomi lewatSnapdragon 810, "said Lei June

Besides Xiaomi, Qualcomm also offers the LG G Flex 2 that also have used the Snapdragon 810. While Motorola, Oppo, Microsoft, and Sony Mobile is producers who have committed will also immerse Snapdragon 810 on mobile bikinanya.

So practically official statement released by Qualcomm is an attempt to dispel the Snapdragon 810 overheating issues that had been circulating. Because many mobile phone manufacturers are already lining up to use it.

"More and more (mobile phones with Snapdragon 810) that will be present in the coming weeks and months thereafter

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