Sunday, February 1, 2015

Facebook Lite Suitable for Android "Low-end" - Social network Facebook made a version of the "light" of its mobile application, called Facebook Lite. The intended application for Android devices with lower specifications (low-end).

Quoted KompasTekno of Techcrunch, Sunday (25/01/2015), Facebook Lite is a simplification version of the Facebook mobile website that has been used in the past 2009-2010.

But Facebook adds some modern functions, such as push notification and application integration with the camera on the phone to the experience gained in the Facebook app users resembles premium smartphone.

The size of this application is small, only about 252 KB. It was designed so that Facebook can be used by the low-end Android which has a limited storage capacity, as well as 2G internet connection or lower.

Facebook strategy is used to expand its market in developing countries, along with the increasing number of low-cost Android devices that penetrated developing countries, such as Android project dibesut One Google.

One is that the current Android smartphone has been launched in India, followed later in Indonesia and other Asia Pacific countries.

Besides India, the countries in Southeast Asia and Africa are also expected to have a low-cost Android smartphone sales are high. In these countries, the smartphone will be the primary internet platform which is used by millions of people.

Facebook Lite app is now available for download in the Android app store, Play Store through the link below.

Via Tekno.kompas

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