Thursday, February 12, 2015

HTC Will Make homemade SmartWatch With Software and Flexible Screen


HTC arguably a bit behind in competing in wearable technology, but the company is rumored to be making smartwatchnya own. The latest report from Upleaks which revealed that the possibility of detailed news about HTC SmartWatch uatannya next month.

Smartwatch code-named Petra, which will not use Google's Android software Wear, HTC will use the possibility of its own operating system which has been developed as part of a new partnership with Under Armour. The company makes new software on smartwatchnya for alarm, timer, setting for music and camera on your smartphone, sleep tracking, weather updates and access notifications and accurately count your steps.

Her new smartwatch is likely to offer a flexible 1.8 inch screen, battery life for three days, Bluetooth, GPS and waterproof design. Upleaks added smartwatch can work for Android smartphones and the iPhone, HTC provides a smartwatch that will come with a variety of colors and three different size options

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