Monday, February 2, 2015

Facebook soldier, military-English cyber forces

Prajurit Facebook, pasukan cyber bentukan militer Inggris - The British army in early 2015 will form an army of cyber-called 'soldier up' with the name of Brigade 77 which will monitor the social media world.

Brigade 77 is specially trained to engage in a war in cyberspace. So that its members would be chosen by a special psychological criteria and understand the world of social networking.

Having a base in Berkshire, UK, 77th Brigade of 1,500 soldiers will be strengthened. All soldiers will be recruited from various army units and preferably at soldiers familiar with social media and journalism skills, as reported by Ubergizmo (1/2).

A spokesman for the British military also said that if the 77 Brigade was made to develop the ability of the war and the challenges of modern conflicts in the cyber era which has now become a vital aspect of defense.

These soldiers will oversee the various activities in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, to Instagram.

Recruiting Brigade 77 itself will be done until next April and will be officially operating in the same month.

Step up the establishment of a military soldier is also a large part of the British plan to strengthen the country's defense in the cyber world. Previously, the UK is also rumored to be working with the United States to carry out cyber war games.

As reported by the BBC (16/1), the United States and Britain have announced plans to launch a series of attacks cyber warfare exercises to combat attacks via the Internet.

This exercise will begin to target the financial industry involving the Bank of England and other commercial banks both in London and on Wall Street.

Afterwards, cyber warfare exercises between the two countries will continue to target the other critical infrastructure between the two countries where the United States and British agents will participate in this cyber war games.


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