Sunday, February 8, 2015

Nvidia Prepare Successor Tablet X1 Shield With Tegra Processor

According to a new report, Nvidia is working hard to launch the successor of Android tablet Shield. The new sequel is likely to keep bringing 8-inch screen size, and will be launched in mid-March or earlier.

Shield tablet will be armed with new processors that were announced at CES in January. Namely Tegra X1 which is the successor Tegra K1. Tegra X1 comes with eight 64-bit CPU core (4 core Cortex A57 and 4-core Cortex A53), and combined with 256-core GPU Maxwell. Tegra X1 is an advanced SoC, a first processor that is able to work up to 1 teraflop. Surely the application on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones will take time to remember the processor is still fairly new.

In addition to the information processor and screen size are used, there is no other specification information is revealed. In addition, the tablet seems Shield will support LTE connectivity. We are just waiting for the official announcement by Nvidia Shield Tablet.

Via Teknoup

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