Friday, September 27, 2013

Forever And One

Selelum nya aku minta maaf kalau aku nulis soal seperti ini di blog, aku tau kamu pasti marah ... tapi gpp untuk kali ini saja .. aku hanya berharap semoga kamu baca ..

kita kenal udah 2 bulan yah  ... pertama kali kenal pas kamu ngeprint tugas akhir kamu di warnet teman aku .. dari situ kita kenal  ... :)

jujur aku senang banget kenal sama kamu .. pertama kali kenal aja aku udah merasa senang, nyaman, bahagia dan campu aduk lah ... hehehe :)
kita seperti udah kenal lama ... tidak ada rasa canggung untuk kita berdua .. dan aku pun tidak canggung untuk cerita soal aku ke kamu dan tidak ada yang aku tutupin karna aku percaya sama kamu ... karna kamu baik dan bisa di percaya :)

Buat aku kamu itu baik , perhatian  sama aku ...  aku masih ingat waktu kita jalan ke monas ... rasa nya bahagia banget  aku ...dan aku sangat nyaman duduk di dekat kamu ... ngobrol sama kamu dan bercanda sama kamu .. aku senang banget ..

dan jujur selama kita dekat aku memang aku udah  suka sama kamu, aku juga sayang sama kamu ...dan kamu udah tau itu semua nya .. tentang perasan aku ke kamu ...

Aku minta maaf selalu buat kamu kesel marah, dengan sifat aku yang seperti anak kecil . .. kamu itu sabar banget hadapin aku ... mungkin udah berapa kali aku buat kamu kesel ..dan aku tidak pernah mengerti padahl udah berulang kali kamu jelasin ke aku sampai kamu cape sendiri ... aku minta maaf ....

Aku sadar karna sifat ku itu, kamu jadi  jauh dari aku ,. aku tau waktu itu  kamu masih mau sendiri dan tidak mau pacaran dulu .. tapi aku yang selalu memaksa kan kehendak aku ...aku terlalu keras kepala .. padahal kamu itu sabar banget hadapin aku ....

aku selalu berdoa agar perasaan aku ke kamu itu sama seperti perasaan kamu ke aku ...

 Terima kasih atas  perkenalan 2 bulan itu .. aku banyak dapat pelajaran dari kamu :) aku banyak belajar dari kamu ...

makasih kamu sering kasih nasehat ke aku ... ingatin aku untuk sholat ..

 makasih  kamu sering bantu aku .. waktu aku lagi ke susahan kamu datang bantu aku, waktu  lebaran kamu bawain aku opor ayam dan ketupat jauh-jauh dari rumah kamu sampai ke jatiwaringin ... kamu itu baik banget walaupun aku sering buat kamu kesal ...marah dan lain-lain ...

aku memang sering buat kamu kesel dan marah tapi aku gak pernah bohongin kamu ... apa yang aku bilng yah itu ada nya ...

Makasih buat boneka pinguin nya yang khusus kamu buat aku .. dan di belakang kamu U .. .. aku akan simpen selalu dan Icon blog ku ini tetap pakai foto kamu .... gak akan aku ganti sampai kapan pun

maaf aku belum bisa berubah seperti yang kamu minta, butuh proses  tapi aku janji sam kamu aku akan beruah lebih dewasa lagi ... :) 

Maaf aku belum bisa nepatin janji aku buat ajarin kamu Linux, ajarin kamu tentang jaringan komputer dan lain2 .....

semoga kamu ingat  sama aku yah kalau dulu kita pernah  dekat :)

dan sekarang kamu lagi dekat sama cowok lain mungkin juga udah pacaran,
jujur perasaan aku pas aku tau kayak gtu ,... yah kecewa nyesek sakit hati pasti ...tapi aku harus menerima kenyataan nya ..aku harus berbesar hati menerima ini semua ... karna gara-gara aku juga kamu jauh dari aku, kamu tidak nyaman sma aku ...

aku yakin cowok itu beruntung banget dapatin kamu ... aku hanya bisa berdoa semoga kamu dan cowok kamu bahagia ..semoga juga langgeng yah amiin ....
 Selamat untuk kelulusan nya ...selamat wisuda nya juga selamat berbahagia ... :)

#November Rain ......

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sony's upcoming Play Station 4 (PS4) is said to be running FreeBSD 9 underneath

Seems like a vast majority of operating systems out there is running some form of popular open source software underneath with the obvious exception of Windows. Android is pure Linux, and so is Ubuntu, Fedora, Tizen (formerly MeeGO), Firefox OS and the likes. Mac OS is built on Darwin (which shares many components with FreeBSD), an open source POSIX-compliant computer operating system. Darwin forms the core set of components upon which OS X and iOS are based. And the list doesn't end there. According to a recent reveal by VGleaks, the operating system at the heart of Sony's PlayStation 4 is FreeBSD 9.0.

sony ps4 based on open source freebsd

 Play Station 4 (PS4) is running modified FreeBSD 9

Though FreeBSD license is compatible with the GNU GPL, it has many important differences. For example, FreeBSD code can be modified and reused and can be released as a proprietary piece of software. On the other hand, conventional GNU GPL license does not allow the altering of licensing terms even though you are free to use and modify the software as such. Due to its permissive licensing terms, much of FreeBSD�s code base has become an integral part of operating systems such as Apple's OS X, eventhough OSX itself is proprietary.

According to Phoronix, "operating system powering the PlayStation 4 is Orbis OS, which is a Sony spin of FreeBSD 9.0. It's not a huge surprise FreeBSD is being used over Linux, in part due to the more liberal licensing. It's a bit of a surprise to see FreeBSD being used though when at the heart of the Sony PS4 is an AMD eight-core APU with Radeon graphics."

"There isn't a Catalyst driver available for any BSD operating system right now and the open-source driver ported from Linux with Radeon KMS and Gallium3D is still in a primitive state. Thus, Sony in cooperation with AMD must have developed their own graphics driver for the PlayStation 4 with FreeBSD or at least ported the Catalyst code-base to BSD."


Top 5 Video Editors for Ubuntu/Linux

Video editing in Linux is a controversial topic. There are a number of video editors for Ubuntu that works quite well. But are they any good for serious movie editing? Perhaps not. But with the arrival of Linux variants from many big-shots such as Lightworks, things are slowly starting to change. Remember the kind of sweeping-change we witnessed in the Linux gaming scene once Valve released their much-touted Steam client for Linux. But that's another story. Here, we'll discuss 5 of the most potent video editors available for Ubuntu.

lightworks for linux beta

Lightworks is a top notch, professional-grade video/movie editor which recently released a beta version for Linux as well. Lightworks was perhaps one of the firsts to adopt computer-based non-linear editing systems, and has been in development since 1989. The release of an open source version, as well as ports for Linux and Mac OS X were announced in May 2010. Lightworks beta video editor is free to download and use, and their is a PRO paid plan offering which gives you extra features and codec support at $60/year.

Download Lightworks Beta for Linux (signing up required)

best video editors for linux ubuntu

 Kdenlive is an open-source, non-linear video editing software available for FreeBSD, Linux and MAC OSX platforms. Kdenlive was one of the earliest to develop a dedicated video editor for Linux with the project starting as early as in 2002. Kdenlive 0.9.4 is available in Ubuntu Software Center by default. But if you want the latest version (Kdenlive 0.9.6 instead), do the following in Terminal. Visit Kdenlive download page for more options.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kdenlive

top 5 video editors for linux ubuntu

 OpenShot is perhaps one of the most active open source video editing software projects out there. In my book, OpenShot is a little more intuitive when compared to its competition. And after a successful Kickstarter funding campaign recently, the team will be launching a Windows and Mac version of OpenShot apart from the normal Linux variant. Add the following PPA to install OpenShot in Ubuntu. More download options here.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openshot.developers/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openshot openshot-doc

5 best video editors for linux ubuntu

Flowblade Movie Editor is an open source, multitrack and non-linear video editor for Linux. Flowblade is undoubtedly the hottest new entrant into the Linux video editing scene. Project started only last year and there has been just three releases so far. The latest release was Flowblade version 0.10.0 and this happened just two weeks ago. And it is already showing enormous amount of potential. Flowblade is available in DEB packages only at the moment.
top video editing software for linux ubuntu

Cinelerra is a professional video editing and compositing software for Linux which is also open source. Cinelerra was first released August 1, 2002. Cinelerra includes support for very high-fidelity audio and video. The latest version, Cinelerra 4.4, was released more than an year ago and it featured a faster startup and increased responsiveness among other improvements. Cinelerra has plenty of download options. If you're an Ubuntu user, just do the following.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cinelerra-ppa/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cinelerra-cv

I have deliberately not included Blender here because, even though it can do video editing, Blender is much more than that. Blender is a full blown graphics processing software with advanced 3D modelling capabilities (Tears of Steel was the latest in a long list of official Blender made animation movies). Did we miss out on any other good video editors for Linux? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

BBM for Android launches Saturday, BBM for iPhones on Sunday [updated]

10:00 AM
The crowded cross-platform messaging space is about to get a bit more crowded. Industry watchers have repeatedly said that BlackBerry�s efforts to bring BBM to Android and iOS are far too little, too late to matter now that a handful of behemoths dominate the space. While that may or may not be true, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is definitely a healthy amount of buzz surrounding the imminent release of BlackBerry�s famous messaging service on Google and Apple�s mobile platforms. And now, we have some potential good news for those eager to try out the new app � according to a new report, BBM will launch for both Android and iOS later this week.
UPDATE: It looks like this report was close, but off by one day � or plans changed at the last minute. BlackBerry announced in a �breaking� blog post on Wednesday that BBM for Android will launch at 7:00 a.m. EDT on Saturday, September 21st. BBM for iPhones will then launch at 12:01 a.m. local time on Sunday, September 22nd. BlackBerry noted that BBM for iPhones will require iOS 6 or later.
A report from Indonesian blog TeknoUp claims to reveal BlackBerry�s release schedule for BBM, and if it pans out we�ll see the app hit Android on Friday and iOS on Saturday. Here�s the release schedule, according to the site:
  • Friday, Sept 20th, 7am EST: Android version published on Google Play
  • Friday, Sept 20th, 7am EST: goes live
  • Friday, Sept 20th, 7am EST: CRM messages sent out to pre-registrants
  • Friday, Sept 20th, 7am EST: Follow-up CRM message sent out after full App Store deployment
  • Saturday, Sept 21st: BBM on iOS becomes available 12:01am EST in local time zones.
The app will be free and according to earlier leaks, it looks pretty solid and well-designed. Whether or not it can compete against market leaders like WhatsApp and Line remains to be seen, however.