Thursday, January 29, 2015

Twitter hacked, Taylor Swift denies hacker stole nude photos

It turns out that not only Facebook and Instagram are experiencing problems Tuesday (27/01) yesterday. Social networking account talented young singer, Taylor Swift, also reported hijacked.

Taylor Swift Twitter account yesterday suddenly suggest around 51 million followers on his Twitter to followlizard andveriuser. Both the Twitter account associated with the hacker group claimed LizardSquad who yesterday claimed to have hacked Facebook and istagram

Unfortunately,lizard claims will upload nude photos belong to Taylor Swift on the condition that he get 3 Bitcoin equivalent to USD 1 million from other Twitter users.

Taylor Swift who is now a holiday in Hawaii was immediately denied the claims oflizard account, the hacker will not find nude photos on social networking accounts.

"PS. Hackers said they had pictures of 'naked' me? Psssh you definitely happy right! Have fun doing photoshop editing because you do not get anything," said Taylor Swift in his tweet.

Fortunately, a friend of Taylor Swift who is also the vocalist of Paramore, Hayley Williams, he will immediately notify the hacking cases before the hacker to act further.

"I want to thank the 'MVP' (savior) today,yelyahwilliams who became the first person to send an SMS to me about hacking this morning. #FrienshipGoals," Taylor wrote via his Twitter account after taking over from the hands of hackers.

Quoted from the Daily Mail (27/01), the main mastermind of Taylor Swift Twitter account hacking this time isveriuser. The account is reported to share a screenshot that shows access to Taylor Swift Twitter account.


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