Thursday, January 29, 2015

Message on iOS Applications 8, easier to send photos and locations

Aplikasi Message di iOS 8, lebih mudah kirim foto dan lokasi

With the features of short message or messages, share news and information with the closest it becomes easier. This is why this application to be the most frequently used. But, what if now you not only can send a written message? With iOS 8, sending the message would be much more fun with the new features.

Message application in iOS 8 lets you add voice messages, photos, and even your location on the message you send. Messages in iOS 8 will allow you to record all kinds of sound you want to share with your friends. Start of sound, song fragments, or laughter you could be part of the conversation. Simply press and hold the microphone to record your message, then swipe enough to send it.

You can also submit videos faster and more easily. Because video tells more than just the written message. Immediately send your videos are enjoying the holiday atmosphere rather than written messages to enjoy the holiday. Or if you want to show off vacation moments, you know you can send multiple photos at once by faster.

When getting the question Where are you? You can answer more quickly and clearly without the need to give a lengthy explanation. Just send a map showing your location. Not only that, you also can share your location for an hour, until the night, or even always share their location with.

Message in iOS 8 also lets you create a group conversation. You can add anyone to the group, drop a few people that you want to, or exit from a group conversation whenever you want. Easy is not it? Not only that, you can turn on the Do Not Disturb feature and read all the messages after you have time.

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