Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Apple boss: Many Android users Move to the iPhone

Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones in 3-month period, which ended in December 2014. CEO Tim Cook was obviously pleased with the performance of his company. He also claims that many people moved to wear the iPhone, including those who previously wore Android phone.

"We are seeing more new customers than the previous iPhone. We are seeing more Android users move (to the iPhone-red) compared to the previous generation iPhone launch," said Cook.

cook the last year amounted to Rp9.5 billion Apple paid every month it believes the iPhone will still selling well in the future. "We believe that this is the best smartphone in the world

Interest in Apple products are in the highest point of all time, breaking all the high expectations of our own, "he said. He added that Apple is about to sell 30 thousand iPhones every hour.

Revenue company headquartered in Cupertino jumped so USD 74.6 billion from USD 57.6 billion in the amount of the previous year. Their profits reached USD 18 billion, a record for the biggest advantage achieved a public company.


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