Saturday, January 31, 2015

Regret Bill Gates: Not Learning Arabic

Jakarta - At first glance, the super rich life Bill Gates look perfect. But beyond that, it turns out there is regret that to this day are often hung in the chief founder of technology giant Microsoft.

Bill Gates is the biggest regret was revealed when she appeared on the online forum Reddit, AMA. This is the sort of question and answer event with the world Internet community, and the questions were varied.

Until finally there were asked Gates about the biggest regret of his life so far. Answer posed Gates unexpected turns.

"I feel pretty stupid for not studying a variety of foreign languages

"I took all the Latin and Greek in high school, and got an A. I think it really helps me rich vocabulary, but actually I wish also to know French, Arabic or Mandarin. I'd love to be able to learn any of these languages , may be French because this be the easiest, "said the husband of Melinda Gates.

Gates, who now has a vacuum of Microsoft today is busy with activity at the Bill & Melinda humanity Gates Foundation.

In between busy, Gates actually also try to learn a foreign language using Duolinggo - a kind of translator applications of various languages - but it was not enough to succeed.

Another world IT leaders recently to look lost interest in public with her language skills are Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In an event at a campus in China in October 2014, Zuck able to make many people amazed through madarin language skills are very fluent.

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