Thursday, January 29, 2015

There Vendor Large Cast Snapdragon 810

Jakarta - Qualcomm confirmed that a leading mobile phone vendors will not use Snapdragon Qualcomm 810. This is expressed in their financial statements for Q1 2015.

It is unclear where the vendor in question, but it seems that relatively high-profile vendors. To the extent that Qualcomm lowered their earnings estimates for mid-2015.

"This reduction is necessary because of changes in market share at the OEM level, which will reduce the chances of Snapdragon processor sales in the short term," Qualcomm wrote in the report.

LG and Xiaomi would already be eliminated from the possibility of the vendor in question by Qualcomm. That's because both of them have been put on Snapdragon 810 in G Flex 2 also Mi Note Pro.

As for the vendor in question could Qualcomm Samsung. There are a number of reasons underlying this. One is because Samsung is a vendor with a high level of sales

As well as previous rumors that the Galaxy S6 will not use Snapdragon processor chip 810. The problem of overheating in the so-called Samsung reasons for abandoning the mainstay Qualcomm processor.

But there are also those who said that the reason Samsung did not wear Snapdragon 810 because they want to further promote the Exynos 7420.

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