Friday, January 30, 2015

3 Billion People on Facebook Watch Video Every Day

3 Miliar Orang Tonton Video di Facebook Tiap Hari 

 TRIBUNNEWS.COM - Popularity of video feature on the social networking site Facebook to rise sharply. Now, watch the video on the site three times more than a few months ago.

Based on the financial statements of the fourth quarter of 2014 were announced on Thursday (01/29/2015) yesterday, Facebook revealed, video on the Facebook site to watch as many as three billion times each day.

This amount, as quoted by Recode, tripled from last month September 2014. At that time, the video is on the new Facebook News Feed reached over one billion times per day.

Facebook claims that the amount of the spectacle is only included in the video natively only. The purpose of the word "native" here, videos are uploaded directly to Facebook's servers, not including videos shared on the site, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

When combined with video services beyond Facebook, the number of videos watched every day should be greater than the number 3 billion.

The high number of videos watched in one day is considered to be profitable up financially. With a growing number of spectators, the possibility of the company or organization to put their advertising video also high.

In its financial statements, Facebook also reported that the company managed to get a revenue of 3.85 billion US dollars, or around Rp 48.5 trillion.

The number of users who sign up to the artificial social network Mark Zuckerberg has reached 1,393 billion, an increase of 3.18 percent from the previous quarter.

The number of active users themselves in the figure of 890 million people per day, 1.19 billion people for the past month, and 745 million people on Facebook daily users of mobile


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