Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This woman smuggled 20 iPhone 6 Behind Clothing

Shenzen - A woman walking with a strange style, giving rise to the suspicion of an immigration officer. Sure enough, when checked there are dozens of iPhone 6 hidden in his clothing.

This incident occurred in the area of Shenzhen, China. The woman had just arrived from Hong Kong and about to go into town Luoho. Geriknya motion immigration officers suspect that over and check it out.

When searched, there were 20 pieces iPhone 6 new conditions are affixed with adhesive on her hips. The location is hidden behind the shirt and pants. The woman was immediately seized for further examination.

Quoted from Business Insider, Wednesday (28/01/2015), the iPhone 6 like this smuggling plural occurs. In Hong Kong, the iPhone 6 cheaper price, then sold in mainland China for a higher price by the smugglers.

And such an event has occurred several times. Not long ago, China's Customs police arrested a man with the same mode. Unsparing, there are 94 units of iPhone 6 bars that try entered without permission alone.

Just like a woman, 94 the iPhone is attached to his body and camouflaged behind the clothes. So this is a common tactic for smugglers iPhone.


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