Friday, January 30, 2015

Huawei disclose the reasons Cast Windows 

 Jakarta - Huawei invisible released Windows phone again. The release of Windows Mobile last about two years ago, and this Chinese company has no plans to make another phone with Microsoft's OS.

An interview with Tech Radar that later dilansirnya, Friday (30/01/2015), contains a description of the Chief Marketing Officer for Huawei Device Shao Yang, when asked about this.

"The biggest problem is the ability of a DIY (Do It Yourself) in Windows Phone. All manufacturing artificial Windows phones look the same everywhere. In Android, we can have a different character," he said.

Huawei said was enjoying his freedom to implement Emotion UI on Android devices. Thus, the handset they have a different feel and look of the handset competitors. It is not owned by the Microsoft platform.

"It's hard to really differentiate between Windows phones Huawei to that of other manufacturers. Android is the best choice for us," he explained.

However, Huawei does not completely give up on Windows. Ahead of the arrival of Windows 10, Huawei consider creating a dual-boot tablet running Android and Windows as well.

This plan is not the first time we hear. Previously, Huawei also never had the same plans for the line of smartphones. But the plan ultimately foundered. Huawei void 'marry' the second OS on a cell phone.

How to plan a tablet with two OS? We still have to wait for the latest news from Huawei. In the event Mobile World Congress this year, Huawei is expected to release at least one tablet. Maybe dual OS tablet.


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