Sunday, February 1, 2015

Officials HTC: iPhone Very Boring - One senior HTC provides for the achievements obtained by Apple in Q4 2014 ago. However, the praise does not end with sweet words, but the words of satire. Like what?

Jeff Gordon, Senior Global Online Communications Manager HTC, a few days ago singing in his Twitter account. At that time, he praised Apple for successfully sold 74.5 million iPhones in the period October to December 2014 and then.

Meanwhile, Gordon also stated that the Apple-made smartphone is boring. Gordon did not mention the reason behind the statement.

"I did not dislike Apple - in fact I use a laptop MacBookAir - but I find that the iPhone is very boring," chirping Gordon on his Twitter account on Wednesday (01/28/2015) then.

Not only once, Gordon returned tweeted his opinion about how boring the iPhone. In this second chirp, he argues, requires a more powerful device than the iPhone.

"iPhone was boring, an easy choice. I want a phone that is more unique, more personal, more amazing when removed from my pocket," Gordon wrote in a tweet both in the same day.

There is a possibility, the greater is meant by Gordon in the tweet is HTC M9, which reportedly will be released at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.

HTC One M9 itself is rumored to be present with a design that is not much different from its predecessor, still wrapped in a shell made of aluminum metal with screen flanked by a pair of speakers.

Gordon himself was one of the leaders of HTC. Nevertheless, in his Twitter account, he wrote that his tweet all content comes from personal thoughts. Therefore, the Gordon statement can be interpreted not as the official view of HTC.

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