Monday, February 9, 2015

Lenovo shows Roderick Lappin as president of the Asia-Pacific region

Lenovo tunjuk Roderick Lappin sebagai presiden wilayah Asia Pasifik

Lenovo today announced the appointment of Roderick Lappin as president of Lenovo Asia-Pacific region.

Applicable from 1 April 2015, the inauguration is also a marker of reunification Asia Pacific Emerging Markets (APEM) and Asia Pacific Mature Markets (APMM) into one business unit.

Lenovo now it is in the process of transforming its business to maintain his achievements so far as the number one PC vendor in the world. Therefore, the company has decided to reunite the area APEM and APMM, promoting Lappin, and also promote Ken Wong, vice president of Strategy and Planning.

Lappin itself has become a trigger for success in today's business APMM Lenovo. One of his achievements was to bring excellence in PC sales company in Japan and facilitate the successful launch of consumer business in Australia and New Zealand.

"Rod has a lot of experience in creating successful businesses in both developed and emerging markets, making it the best person to lead Lenovo's business in Asia-Pacific," said Gianfranco Lanci, chief operating officer and senior executive vice president of Lenovo ..

"With Rod at the helm, I'm sure the business throughout the Asia-Pacific region will continue to evolve and rise to a new level of success, as NEC Lenovo Japan Group in Japan over the last three years under the strong leadership." he added.

With the consolidation of the business in the Asia-Pacific, Lenovo will have the scale and efficiency to operate more effectively in a highly competitive market and this dynamic later.


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