Monday, July 7, 2014

Suru Icon Pack Brings a Touch of Ubuntu Phone to Android

For the Android users among you not willing (or able) to give the Ubuntu for Phones developer preview a whirl, here�s something to tide you over.

The resourceful theme maker behind the popular Moka icon and GTK theme packs for Linux has turned his attention to Android, putting together an icon pack that pays homage to the icons of Ubuntu for Phones and Tablets.
Not simply a case of �because I can�, Sam Hewitt says he created the theme so as to �bring the Suru icon experience to the Android platform.�

500+ Icons

The theme features high-resolution icons inset in a �squircle�, and offers designs for more than 500 popular apps (including our own). Icons yet to be included in the theme are �masked� so as to fit in. Users can submit specific icon requests through a form on the Moka website.

With the first Ubuntu-powered devices not expected to arrive until the end of the year, Suru is a great way to get some of its style but with none of the bugs and gaps in functionality. And as this is only a skin-deep makeover you still have all the same Android features, apps and gestures you had before.
The pack won�t work with the stock Android launcher, but does work with a glut of third-party alternatives, including Yahoo! Aviate, Apex, Nova, Smart Launcher and CyanogenMod�s Trebuchet. 
Want in? Suru Icons for Android is a free download available from the Google Play Store.


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