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Nexus 5 release date, price, photos, and specs rumours

Nexus 5 leaks have reached a new high with the phone shown off in a lengthy video (see below). We've rounded up all the possible release date, price and specs for the Google Nexus 5. Updated on 14/10/13.
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The Nexus 5 will be Google's next flagship Android smartphone. It will probably be joined by a new version of the Nexus 10, too. So naturally, we're keen to know what it will offer and when it will be available.
Although the Nexus 4 has had issues with stock shortages, it's been well received and popular with punters. A high-end smartphone for �239 is a bargain even if it's a bit limited on storage.
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Thoughts are turning to the Nexus 5 and what it has to offer to rival the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4Sony Xperia Z and HTC One. LG is the most hotly tipped manufacturer to make the Nexus 5 but Google is also considering other vendors.
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Nexus 5: Release date

Google has announced that the next version of Android will be 4.4 KitKat, not 5.0 Key Lime Pie. We still expected the Nexus 5 to come with the latest version but there has been no hint as to when KitKat will arrive.
Google hasn't announced when the new Nexus 5 will be revealed, or even if it is making one but here are the rumours on when it will arrive.
The first possibility was that Google would announce the Nexus 5 at its Google I/O (input/output) developer conference which takes place in May in San Francisco. However, the event came and went with no Nexus 5 or even Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.
At last year's Google I/O which took place in June, the firm unveiled the Nexus 7, its first tablet running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It seemed likely new hardware would be revealed at this year's conference but this wasn't the case - unless you include the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition.
Google announced an updated Nexus 7 tablet with Android 4.3 but there was no mention of a new smartphone at that launch event.
So, it's highly likely that we'll see the new Nexus 5 arrive around a year after the Nexus 4, in October or maybe November. The Galaxy Nexus was announced in November and the Nexus S in December.
Nexus 4 sold out
The Nexus 4 price has been reduced from �239 for the 8GB model to just �159 signalling that Google wants to shift remaining stock before the Nexus 5 arrives. In fact, the smartphone is 'out of inventory' on the US Play Store.
The Nexus 4 is now out of stock in the 8 GB and 16 GB models and Google is reportedly not planning to restock the device. Another hint that the Nexus 5 is near arrival.
Meanwhile, Droidlife is hinting at a release date of 31 October citing anonymous sources.

Nexus 5: Is this the Nexus 5 in the flesh?

In Google's unveiling video of the Android KitKat statue, an unknown device with a Nexus logo was spotted (below left). Google has taken down the clip only fuelling the suggestion that the smartphone was the unannounced Nexus 5.
Nexus 5 at Android KitKat statue
Following the KitKat statue unveiling, the Nexus 5 has been spotted in the wild. The owner happily left it charging in a bar unattended but a keen eyed employee snapped it up.
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Nexus 5 spotted in a bar
The Nexus 5 has been spotted once again, looking exactly like the photos from the bar . The lucky handler said the rear cover feeling similar to that of the Nexus 7 and the device is smaller than the recently launched LG G2.
"The screen was ok, didn't wow me like the Note 3. The bezel is very small." he added.
Nexus 5 leak

Nexus 5: Price

Sources suggest Google will keep the price of the Nexus 5 the same as the Nexus 4. That's �239 for 8GB and �289 for 16GB.
However, the price of the Nexus 7 went up from �159 to �199 for the cheapest model so there's no guarantee.
New Nexus 5 concept

Nexus 5: specs

Rumoured specifications for the Nexus 5 include a Full HD screen either 5in or 5.2in in size, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor clocked at 2.3GHz and a whopping 3GB of RAM.
A line-up similar to LG's recently announced LG G2 smartphone, so we could see the Nexus 5 based on this stunner.
There's also been suggestion it will feature a 16Mp camera made by Nikon. Other sources suggest a smaller 4.5in screen with a 720p resolution.
There are fresh rumours about the camera on the Nexus 5, suggesting it could use a MEMS (microelectromechanical system) module. That might mean it can shoot first and focus later like the Lytro camera.
Nexus 5 LG D-821
A service manual for the LG D-821 (aka the Neuxs 5) has been leaked online showing full specifications of the smartphone and a blueprint (above). The document is 281 pages long but here are the key bits:
�    4.95 in Full HD (1080x1920) IPS display
�    16/32 GB internal storage
�    2 GB RAM
�    2.3 GHz Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor
�    8 Mp OIS rear camera, 1.3 Mp front camera
�    2300 mAh battery
�    Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Proximity/Ambient Light, Pressure
�    Slimport compatibility
�    Micro SIM slot
�    Notification light
�    Wireless charging
�    NFC
�    Bluetooth 4.0
�    4G LTE support
�    133.9x68.7x9.1 mm
�    139.5 g

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