Sunday, May 6, 2012

Electronic Arts To Develop Games For Linux

 Recently, the news of Steam on Linux took the open source world by surprise (pleasant one that is). Here is another news related to the gaming industry. Electronic Arts, which is one of the most popular games publisher in the world has a plan in store. At the upcoming Ubuntu Developer Summit, the company will be making a 15 minutes presentation about their Linux plans. Reportedly, with the mainstream gaming on board, this could finally be the breakthrough that Linux needs to reach critical mass and become mainstream on the desktop. This could add another chapter to the open source�s stand against Microsoft. Well, that needs to be seen. 

But what about the digital rights management (DRM)? According to a Legit reviews report, Linux doesn't have any DRM in it like product activation and Linux users are a highly computer literate, tech savvy bunch, while EA infests all its titles with hardcore DRM and will be highly unlikely to want to let it go. The shakeout between these two diametrically opposed mindsets will be interesting to see and could shape the future of gaming on Linux and the future of Linux on the desktop. 


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