Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Unity 8 Available in Ubuntu 13.10 � But Don�t Expect Too Much

A �Early Alpha� of Unity 8 is available to install and test in Ubuntu 13.10 from today � just don�t expect too much from it quite yet.
Unity 8 is not set to be fully integrated into Ubuntu desktop until around 14.10. So while you can install and run Unity 8 on the desktop of 13.10 it is not yet a desktop interface; the look, layout and experience are not yet tailored for mouse + keyboard use.

What Works, What Doesn�t

Unity 8 runs as a windowed app on the Ubuntu 13.10 desktop. This window can be resized, allowing you to switch from �phone� layout to �tablet� layout.
Applications, files and folders all show up in their respective lenses, though many have broken or distorted icons. Clicking on a desktop app or file icon will open it as normal on your desktop. Those for Ubuntu Touch apps you don�t have installed open up image place-holders.
Indicators, the HUD & � for me at least � menus don�t yet work in this port. But, again with the disclaimer: this is very much work in progress. Don�t judge it as a final, finished piece of software.

Install Unity 8 in Ubuntu 13.10

If you�re running Ubuntu 13.10 and want to toy with Unity 8 you can install it by running the following command in a new Terminal window:
sudo apt-get install unity8 unity8-fake-env unity8-private
# http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/08/unity-8-ubuntu-13-10-arrives


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