Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pear OS 8 Linux Will Imitate iOS 7

Pear Linux is an Ubuntu based distribution that imitates Mac OS. Loosely it could be dubbed as the Mac OS for Linux. Even the logo of Pear OS (a missing bite from a pear) resembles Apple�s logo,  Don�t believe me, look at the screenshot of Pear OS 7below:
Pear Linux
Like most of the other Linux OS, Pear Linux is free to use. Since it is based on Ubuntu, it is easy to use with lost of applications available (from Ubuntu repository) and thus creates a good environment for beginners. For those users who are die hard fan of Mac OS, this could be an ideal combination of Linux+Mac. The operating system does not demand a high end hardware but it is only available for 64 bit processor.

The new Pear OS 8 will look like iOS 7

As Apple has released iOS 7 last week, Pear Linux is hinting that Pear OS 8 will be based on iOS7's looks. In a image shared on Google Plus  the new look of Pear OS has been revealed. I leave up to you to decide how good it looks:
Pear OS 8 New look like iOS 7
In case you want to try your hands on Pear OS 8, you can download the image of the beat version from the link below:
Honestly, I don�t understand the craziness about Mac OS looks. We haveElementary OS Luna which is also hailed for its Mac-like looks. Anyways, this Linux distribution may serve a niche userbase. What you say?

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