Saturday, April 7, 2012

Patent War: Intel, Qualcomm To Help Apple Against Samsung

Intel and Qualcomm agree to help Apple in its defence against patent infringement lawsuits from Samsung by providing source code to the former.  

  Friday, April 06, 2012 Apple-Samsung endless wars over smartphone patents aren't new! The battle between the two giants now covers at least 30 complaints across four continents. And in what comes as a respite to Apple, Intel and Qualcomm have agreed to provide source code to the Cupertino giant against Samsung according to Apple�s lawyer Andrew Fox. He also added that further non-infringing arguments can be made from the source code which has been examined and would be provided to Apple soon.

Intel has been a giant producer of chips and processors while Qualcomm is one of the main 3G wireless standard developers. 

Sometime back, Apple sued Samsung over the design of its Galaxy S handset (a smartphone that bears a strong resemblance to an iPhone) and its Galaxy Tab (which looks rather like an iPad), claiming that they copied hardware and design features from Apple products. On the other hand, in its Australian lawsuit, Samsung claimed that Apple infringes some of its wireless patents.

But this time the war is going to get simpler for Apple as it has Qualcomm on its side which is an expert in the wireless domain. Apple is likely to retaliate the lawsuit filed by Samsung.

We will have to wait and watch whether the two companies still continue with their unified business instead of recurring wars! 


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